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Hi  🫠 / 🙃
My artist bio is so deeply edited, I am
basically a catfish. Here is the real story. 

I’m an anarchist who’s work circulates in the worlds of heavy music, fashion, and cultural cricitism.

I’m a second generation punk princess. Born to teenage grunge musican parents in 1996. My dad’s band was called Flaccid, which is ironic. Gender trouble / genre trouble is my inheritance. I wonder, what does it mean to be a dissaffected youth born to disaffected youth? Disaffected².

We are the chaos entity known as Blue McCall. You may have met me under another name. It happens. The name is a placeholder or a proxy or a set of parenthesis. Blue is my middle name from birth, after the Blue Ridge Mountains where I grew up in a small cabin made of petrified wormy-chestnut on a lake in a mountain valley. This place has very particular sonic properties, and I actually hear the voices in the my head filtered through the spatial audio or “room sounds” of this cabin or over the lake in the valley.

My dad taught me two things:
1. The role of the artist is cultural mirror.
2. It’s important to create a life where your time is your own to waste. Form follows waste under capitalism in Amerikkka. Time is the ultimate medium.

I learned two things from my mother:
1. The role of the madman is to speak truth to power.
2. You will live longer and travel easily if you are very, very beautiful. You may even live to see 30, but there is no guarantee your mind will still be there on the other side.

My critical edge is informed by these shifting positionalities, this nexus of identities. I have survived trauma, but I don’t make autobio art about violence. (Boring.) I am queer, but I don’t make identity art. (Representation without rights is a trap.) I like to think about my practice on the level of history after watching my dad squander his shot at being an artist. He didn’t know that he was doing the most culturally and historically relevant thing a person could do between 1990–1996. He was simply making noise because he was angry, and had just gotten out of a prison school for children in Montanna for being an anti-state actor. But I know about the angel of history. I get the benefit of knowing. Flaccid used to do this performance piece called Art Professor. My dad would stand up on stage with a guitar and an art history textbook on a music stand. The band, which consisted of members Eck, Ugh, and Chunk, played a loud, de-skilled noise set while my dad would open the art history textbook to a random page, and then scream the words aloud. Tearing out pages and discarding them as the “song” progressed. My mom would stand behind him holding his hair back so that he could read, while pregnant with me.

Anarchist girls only want one thing.

                                                                          And it’s everything.

This whole endeavor is an act of rebellion.

And now here I am,
becoming an art professor. 

I subscribe to Fred Moten’s notion of the Undercommons, and engage with institutions as such. I have wasted over $300k in fellowships and grants on designer degrees and projects that were meaningful to me and my community. If you ever need help grantwriting or an editor for proposals, I gotchu.

I am a split personality who ate their twin in the womb.

Kinda funny right? I got diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, the thing that used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder, just a couple years ago. Do you know any other artists with DID? I don’t really... but am looking. I am several different and distinct artists who share a body. We split back and forth across fugue states, and cannot be present at the same time without experiencing extreme neurological pain. We have different sets of memories, sexualities, artistic disciplines, gender expressions. Even different handwritings, heartbeats, and favorite foods. I have used my art practice over the last ten years to communicate between altered states by leaving traces. Most of my work is actually “made” in thehypnagogic state right before sleep. I then recreate the work later, when I have control of the body. 

All artists have many artist-selves who are in constant conversation in the studio. This is, in a way, a universal story about creativity. Although, I am living the metaphor.

I did my undergrad in sculpture and painting. I love material, but make performance. I want the objects in my performances to be good enough to be sculptures in their own right. So that the contingencies proposed by the performance work even if my body is not there. I want my paintings to circulate as tour posters and garments, and for my posters and clothes to be shown in galleries in painting exhibitions. Decentralization is a real solution for breaking down hierarchy. I can get a little nihilistic sometimes, but I really believe this. 

My cats are named Xerox and Risograph. They remind me to slow down. To rest, snuggle and play. They are all white twins both with two different colored eyes. Ditto and Ditto. Chimera and Chimera. Drag and Drop. Thing One and Thing Two. My living gargoyles. My angels with one eye for seeing the past and one for seeing the future.

I really like duets. And ensemble work. Group work is cool because the social relationships within the group become the text of the piece. I was trained as a dancer throughout childhood, and have worked professionally in the US and Russia. The best things I’ve ever been a part of (other than collective action and civil dissent, obviouly) are repertoir work by Trisha Brown and Pina Bausch. My body changed (for the better) when I had bottoms surgery in late 2020, and so changed the kind of dance I was able to make. 

I was able to get sterilized in 2020... using the transgender route... on Medicaid... during the Trump Administration... in a city that was militantly engaged in revolt. (okay, that’s my flex for the day.) Chasing some kind of limit experience, I immediately threw the body back into demonstrations in the streets and back into ballet at local company class. I threw the body into movement and movements. This could be another story, but I’ll focus on one type of movement in the name of good security culture. 

After experiencing a surgical intervention with a healing process similar to a gunshot wound to the belly, I was able to drop all of my formal dance training. My body became completely deskilled. Something clicked for me while performing a 9 minute long set with hyper-pop musician Jan Julius at the 2021 Improvisation Summit of Portland, hosted by the Creative Music Guild in a bar called No Fun. We performed for 9 minutes because it was all my body could physically bear at that moment, post-op. 

There’s this big debate that happens in communities surrounding improvisational art forms like contact improv or jazz; Can the artist actually achieve true improvisation, or are we always just reperforming a combination of the movements we habitually do? So many of the concerns of modernism sprung up around this question as artists sought to develop mental tools or aesthetic strategies in search of ‘the new’ or even worse, ‘the authentic.’ Contemporary art, a genre that holds modern art paradoxically at its center, is often a cult of authenticity. We are living in a time period that critics are calling the least innovative century in the last 500 years. 

I was always the nihilist at contact improv jam. Reconfiguring my habitual movements, and stuck in my years and years of training. But in throwing my body immediately into performance and into revolt before it had fully healed from the wounds of medical transition, I was able to achieve a state authentic and true improvisation. I found new forms. 

I found new forms by going before I was ready.  

By collapsing genre, pitting two scenes against one another through the force of your own making.

And also, nothing in that moment was new at all. I had been returned to making the same deskilled noise I was born out of, with my dad tearing out the pages of an art history textbook and screaming, with my mom holding his hair back.

I am still exploring what was discovered in that moment. 





2019, Vessels in Ultra-Gushy Historical Color            
In:Situ, Site Specific Textiles at Portland Textile Month (Portland, OR)           
Series housed in the city of Portland’s  public art collection, Textile Hive, Cooley Gallery at           
Reed College permanant collection, and several private collections of fashion or antiquities.          

2019, Soft Engraving             
Reed College Thesis Show           
& Blackfish Gallery (Portland, OR)           


Memory of

2018, Performance in Ann Hamilton’s 
Converge 45 (Portland, OR)

2019, Dead Drop Doorstops           
Sou’Wester Arts Center (Seaview, WA)           
& Printed Matter (NYC)          

2013, To Be Held           
Housed in Kristy Edmunds Collection, Mass MOCA (North Adams, MA)          

2014–2017, Fugue Figures           
Housed in collecitions of West Coast avant-garde artists: Maren Jensen, Rainen Knecht, Jade Novarino, Nikki Cormaci,          
Johnny Niekresz (Methods Body), Elle Pucket (Rosie Ugly), and Wolfgang Black (Surgery Season / Jan Julius)          






October 2023     

Harm REDUX   

      November 2023



June 2023      

 AR Scan   
  Made During   
  Eviction of   
  “Queer House”  Copenhagen,
DK. 100-year- 
old Building   
  Next Day   

      May 2023  

   AR Scan   
   Made During   
   Eviction of  
   “Large Marge”  
   Chicago, IL.   
   30 Cops
   At Time of   

May 2023      

Puffy Prada   

      September 2023 

   Spaces Against

June 2023      


December 2022     

  I Endure/   
Adore You   

      November 2022

   Data Mosh: 

November 2022     

Touch System   

      November 2021

   Bimbo, dir.
   Jan Julius

June 2021      

Cake Sit   


May 2020      

Slip Wip:   
Factory Erotica   







I am pushing my glasses up my nose and LARPING as artist-writer-curator.  AKA performing being who I already am. AKA cosmic revenge plot AKA catfishing the Whitney ISP.


Subcultural apartment gallery

Review colum in FIZZY Mag
Fashion label

In the
Group Chat

salon style
inaugural group show

curated from open call in whatsapp group chat

Sibohan x JJJJerome x Lindsay x Marvin Tate

one scluptor
one painter
one sound,
all with extensive writing practices

all artists who inhabbit identity slippages thru blackness x studder or speach impediment.

write essay about artist texts that move the form of the psychoanalytic case study forward into post-medium form. Ex: JJJJerome Ellis’ The Clearing x Louise Bourgeois Freud’s Daughter x Weight of the Earth: the Tape Journals of David Wojnarowicz. 

(selfishly ^ this essay is also research ahead of releasing my own DID journals as a combination book and noise tape under one title (working title: Fugue Studies). Programmed up first bc I want to put my money where my mouth is in aknowledging that both queer and crip emancipation movements are based on liberatory ground hard won in the black power movement. 

Johnathan and MSHR

exhibit the super mediated super psychadelic inadvertantly techno critical large paintings of Johnathan Worchestire against the tour posters and performance art of global sensation noise band MSHR (Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper). 

Present in the style of gooning - Gooning is a gen alpha brainrot slang term that means doing two things at once, like watching TV while playing video games on two screens stacked vertically on top of each other. Words like gooning, mewing, rizz, and skibity have spawned excessive viral parodies after the “rizzler song”. According to urban dictionary, gooning first refered to masturbating, particularly by edging repeatedly until entering a meditative state.

Rollout online and in person.
Maya Very Minimal Sound Show w anti war performance activations

First solo show. Maya can do whatever they want.

Maya Nguyen and Johnathan / MSHR are two vibes of the same coin. 

We’re min maxxing. More to say here later. 

Leaning on Crisis as Form by peter Osborne. x Kyle Chayka writings. 

Video Game x Fashion Group Show w new media performances

Concept: video game style procedural POV is replacing the filmic as our society’s dominant way of seeing. Explore this / predict it by doing a combination fashion and new media show


collabo w ANTIX art fest, the chi fashion girlypops

build precident for the performance/art & tech new media course that Ava & want to teach. 


Performance Lectures:

Girl Dinner

with Bimbo Theorist
Strawberry Farmer

find new venue after Cherry Knot went a more cis direction

Bambi Kunst

Psychodynamic performance as Bambi Kunst, life size sexy doe figurine made by World Famous Artist Jeff Kunst. Bambi is rendered silent by her beauty. Her lecture is delivered through ai machine read captions on a projection behind her. 

Another performance for Bambi:

She lies tableau vivant on a pedastal. A selection of objects are arranged in front of her. A dildo, a passifier, a ball gag, others... Audience members are instructed to instert objects into her mouth. If an audience member attempts to insert an object anywhere other than her mouth, the performance immediately ends. 

Get Bambi to Vencie. 

Welcome Tax Player, to the Center of Empire

Following the image of a Teddy Bear in Rubble as an algo trap used during the ongoing genocide in Gaza. 

Audience members navigate the piece one person at a time. They encounter a ballistic case holding a phone, airforce pilot headphones, and a police flashlight sourced from Atlanta. A short insturctional video instructs the viewer to navigate the darkened theater by flashlight. 

POV: Keep Up with Your Accelerationist Girlfriend

collab with Ava

on pause til ava’s ready

Movement Prototypes:

All booked!

DFBRL8R Fountain Dance Jam 

Use as testing ground for duets, either with I-Chin or with Rex. Or both!

Figure out goals of this performance closer to the date. 


Lincoln Park Conservatory’s Fern Room, hosted by ESS

10 min

+ neon rod 
+ movement duet with I-Chin
+ spatialized sound score, double synths (Lutike & Nick) + embodied vocals

+ sound score for collabo EP


Black Mountain College Museum, Lake Eden NC

30 min

Drone Choke at Gabber Rave

Valhek: Calling All Fools

4 hours as demented little hell hound

April 6
Secret Location

+ drone ball gags
+ get body double who is comfy with chains/duration/extremes... Ideally it’s Wolfgang
+ enlist male friends to take shifts as bodyguards
+ see if Zo Rose wants to dress me
+ see if Patrick can run tech

Go spek location as soon as possible
Figure out scale and ambition of projection 

EXPO Movement Intervention

See if Joseph will play curator from DFBRL8R


Not booked!
Need studio development time

Cupid & Psyche Enmeshed/In Mesh

Duet studies in movement with garments and objects.

Alterwork -- journaling with one alter in particular for the last six weeks (age 14-19 i think, was Margaret Curtis’ studio assistant and has the impulse to paint, super bubbly n wide eyed but also a daily opiate user with cravings and bad dreams. They are closer to the other alters who I don’t know but feel and are nonverbal.) 

Movement duet as a way to explore being multiple sharing a body

[            ]

Reinterpret the fugue as a known form in classical music using techniques of avant-garde composing. 

Leaning on classical music as somethink knowable to explore this relationship to the unknowable I have hardwired in my being. 

Release an album on Hot Releases or on The Flenser or on An/Out Recordings, depending on who bites.

Put out my DID journals under the same title as album. Publishing on Apocalpyse Party would be a really good fit. Then do a combination noise/book tour playing high/low venues. 

Art historical precedent for projects like this that move the “case study” into an intermedia place are Weight of The Earth: The Tape Journals of David Wojnarowicz, Louise Bourgeois Freud's Daughter ed. Phillip Laratt-Smith, JJJJerome Ellis’ The Clearing,  and Johanna Hedva’s Your Love is Not Good

Noise Noise Noise Girls Girls Girls

A Chicago queer noise girl supergroup featuring Lula , Dorothy , Blue, & Chelsea.

“supergroup” is a word I think is funny because it’s really easy to start a media frenzy using the dregs of white male indie rocker culture. We can be an a disorganized and lazy artist collective, but if we call ourselves a “chi noise girl supergroup” then all of sudden something else is happening.

The Lula/Blue combo could move to SF at some point. Feels worth investing in that collaborative relationship. I miss the west coast. <3