Welcome to the masterlink, dancers!
Congradulations on our beautiful sold out run at PWNW.




For info on our shows and for the score list, please visit the public facing site:

Download photos from the shared google drive folder. The Proof of Body photoshoot photos are in this photo, along with some documentation from dress rehearsal.

The livestream is archived on PWNW’s vimeo:



1. DOX THE AUDIENCE (soft open)

Soft open from 7:30–8pm while audience comes in to take seats. J begins building a soundscape. Two dancers at a time enter theater with cameras in mouths. Use crawling vernacular from class to cross floor to the audience. Play off of and interact with each other on the way. Install yourselves, one on each side of the front row. Scan the audience with your mouths. Go back to backstage, catch Jamondria on film on your way. Give them an MTV moment. Do this in pairs for 30 min, til 8pm. 

Transition: Lights go dark, soundscore resets. 




                    Wolf,    move to places on stage.

Lights go up. Dancers enter one by one, spaced out, doing pushing through negative space in the crowd movements. Blue goes first, Nikki goes last. A note on speed: move slower when crossing open sapce, then speed up when curving around the standing dancers. Make contact with Sam, Ysa, and Wolf as you pass. Nikki gets stuck on Wolfgang for a solo moment at the end, then launches off of them.

Transition: Ysa and Sam: after Nikki passes by you, begin STACK in center stage. 


Organically get into STACK, SWITCH STACK, TRIPLE STACK, and STACK WITH FOLD-OVER MOVEMENT. If you are not actively stacking, clear center stage by walking up and down the sides of the room. You’re welcome to switch sides after stacking, be causual, or use GTA walk if you need to. Another direction: you can take your time getting into stack when you’re ready, but if someone is on the floor as a bottom, don’t leave them hanging! Give them a top quickly!

Transition: A sound que will signal the end of STACK and beginning of datamosh. Stand up and walk to your clump arrangement for DATA MOSH. The sound que is a shift into heavy bass sounds. 


– Form rows in close standing clump. First phrase is BREATHY CREATURE SHAKES:
– Four breaths with small bounce, smaller breath.
– Five breaths with bounce driving heels into the floor, shaking the breath more.
– Hands point into hip sockets, Flat back fold 45 degrees over, relaxed head, DROP arms. 
– Raise right arm (casual) begin big shake in shoulders, let movement ripple thru arm and breath. Three: Shake, let it ripple. Shake, let it ripple. Shake let it ripple. 
– Drop arm and head, then roll up.

Second phrase is OVERCROSSED TOSSES: 
– Overcross arms, grab
– Return to self,
– Throw upper body and change facing to other corner. 
– Slap into overcrossed arms,
– Return to self,
– Throw upper body, then correct to original facing (towards Ashley).

Third phrase is FALL OUT:
– Sam and Emma fall out at the same time. Toss into COBRA HEADED DOG, recoil into S CURVE.
– Standing dancers stare glazed over and bored into Ashley’s corner for a minute.
– Hannah falls out into Cobra Headed Dog - Bear Crawl - S curve. 
– Standing dancers + Sophie do synoppated head drops. 
– Sophie: do two deep breath drops, then on your third, FALL OUT into floor movement.
–                Sam
    Hannah    Emma
                Sophie           form diamond shaped clump, keep vibing in Cobra Headed Dog.  

Last phrase is HEADBANG VERNACULAR with more detail from standing dancers.
– Move through syncopated head drops, one after another. Ysa & Blue drop at the same time, with Ysa’s arm around Blue’s chest over shoulder. 
– After a time, Wolfgang moves into solo. Step out of formation, then back in. Rock and roll with it.
–When Wolf returns to group formation and finds stillness, Nikki & Blue begin mini-duet. Introduce quick lift as surprise! moment.
– Whole standing group repeats SECOND PHRASE: OVERCROSSED TOSSES in unison.

Transition: Sam, Hannah, Emma, and Sophie let movement degrade into exhaustion, collapse, hopefully times to be around the same time standing group finishes their movement. Cobra headed dogs crawl off into Ashley’s corner. Sit on floor to watch next part. Standing dancers all walk off except for Blue. 


Blue’s improvised solo performance.

Transition: Wolf and Sophie get cameras from Ashley offstage, then return. 



Wolf and Sophie are surveilance doggies, capturing Blue on camera. Remember to pan and observe. Let your movements follow you mouth cam. Remember to contrast moments of freeze from afar (get the image) with close up chaotic tracking (intimate blur). Catch each other on camera when Blue makes foot in air shape. This lets Blue escape.

Begin duet!!! With RED ROVER style pulling, high energy, then move into ADVERSARIAL WATCHDOG. Stay on ground. Scuttle from afar. Sophie, remember to find moments of freezing/suspension to get the image, then fall into more movement. Get close, no contact for a while then BAM, Wolf grabs back of Sophie’s neck. Struggle for a bit before Sophie rises up and pushs through Wolfgang.

Wolf, twitch to stand then choke on camera. Sophie observe, then break character to take cam out of Wolf’s mouth. Wolfgang, take a minute to rock back and forth on balls of feet, return to human, then Take camera out of Sophie’s mouth. A frame lean together, slip cams into pockets or drop, then end with PENDULUM.


Wolf and Sophie hang in Pendulum. Facing note: please be perpendicular to the audience they can see you both. Whole group moves diagnoally accross the floor in unison. Wolf and Sophie get absorbed into the group as we pass.

Transition: Hannah and Emma stay in far back corner. Jamondria switches neon light on. Everyone else just walks off to front corners while Cable Wrangler goes to grab neon. 


Emma and Nikkifold over into carrying the neon accross the floor. Cable wrangler removes the light at front corner of room, dancers keep moving accross front of stage. Keep the deliberate quality, but pick up the pace. In center stage, use starfish hand touch to signal drop and roll up.

NOSE: Roll up and become to opposing characters. This is a romantic duet about the work it takes to be in relation. Emma is hard, with square pulled down shoulders, Nikki is a fluid chasing prince. Rise up. Keep a little over a foot of negative space between you. Begin tracing each other with movement following from your noses. Don’t actually touch during this time. Small movemements in neck and torso, limp arms, no movement in hips or legs. 

MOVEMENT, CONTACT IMPROV, DANCE IT: Come into contact, this frees your feet and lower body to move. Begin getting to know each other, but keep it moving. Sprialing nodes of contact improv. During this traveling segment, it’s okay to drop your binary characters and merge somewhere in the middle. Rember that the back of the neck/top of shoulders and waist are good contact points. Emma can pull away for little moments to make shapes, gazing into distance while Nikki follows. Really great play back and forth here. 

FIND ARCH: Standing back portabra in unison, just quickly move directly to spotlight “interior” zone behind neon.

FLOOR SECTION, BEHIND NEON: Emma sexiii moment on knees up agains the neon “window”. Hannah, reach around with arms and shoulders forward, the rest of your body behind Emma’s body. Then, Hannah in front of Emma: back arch in unison while on knees. Emma, switch around Hannah to opposite facing back arches. Emma travel around back of Hannah into Sunny Day Rest, droop into floor while using Hannah as support. Hannah becomes a solid and grounded shape during this, then get up together. 

Note: no noodling while in floor phrase. All movements are amplified 10 fold under neon light, so exagerate simple movements for a clarified look!

PRINCE LIFT: Step out directly in front of neon. Emma begins shakes thru heels into the floor while Hannah takes a wider arc to arrive a little later. Hannah comes right up behind Emma and shakes with. Turn upper bodies to an angle. Only Hannah raise arm, then arch back in unison. Transition into prince life, Hannah lifing Emma. Follow your spiral of movement together after the lift, rember that the back of the neck/top of shoulders and waist are good contact points. Find center stage, and end in Pendulum. 


Transiton: whole group takes a walk about the space, as a distraction during the transition. Heidi joins Hannah and Emma in center stage, becomes tree arch/magic portal shape. Sam’s job is to pick up the neon and rest it aginst Heidi. Blue and Sophie find their places and Sophie begins dancing. Everyone else buzzes off.

Flocking phrase between Sophie and Blue. Sophie starts and picks up Blue. Moving dancers are interacting with the negative space made by still dancers. I’d love to pick up emma in flocked movement for one cycle. 


Transition: When Emma begins moving with Sophie and Blue in the LIVE LAUGH LOOT group, Sam, Wolf, and Ysa take their standing places from the beginning of show.

Emma leaves flocking movement and begins traveling a path around Wolfgang, then Ysa, then Sam, opens curtain to outside door, and walks outside. One by one the other dancers follow: Hannah, then Sophie, then Blue, then Heidi (just drop neon). Then J, then Wolf, then Ysa - Grab Heidi’s hand and you two walk out together.

Jamondria winds down sound and can choose whether to walk out or to stay in booth.



Saturday, Oct. 29 – ALL DANCERS
Dress Rehearsal & Photoshoot

2:30pm–6pm or 8pm


Dancers warm up,
J & Ashley set up


Full run through of piece, +Jeff plans light design


Break for dancers,
Jeff & Blue chat lights,
Proof of Body set up chromakey and lazy susan for photoshoot


Photoshoot with Madison and Gabe from documentation and styling studio, Proof of Body

Wolfgang: capture B-cam footage ur iphone for dance film.


Optional, pizza provided



Thursday, Nov. 3 – ALL DANCERS
Tech with Performance Works NW Crew & Alembic Resident: dee buestos

A practice run of full show. Our runthrough will take place 7:30– 8:40pm. Please arrive at 6:30 or 7 to warm up.





Alembic Series Presents:

At Performance Works Northwest
Alongside MOLT  by dee buestos

Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 5pm + livestream

Friday, Nov. 4
6:30 call time, 7:30 doors 


Blue & Ash arrive,
J & Wolfgang arrive,
build set,
dinner break


Dancers arrive
(u can be early if u want),
get dressed,
apply temp. hair paint (plan to keep hair paint on all three nights without washing)
warm up


Soft open,
people start taking their seats while Jamondria is on stage playing sound. A few dancers at a time will begin movment




Audience intermission,
Blue & Ash & Jeff strike set


MOLT  by dee buestos

dancers can hang out in Linda’s house, watch from the audience, or go home.  I will probably want to go out for drinks after.



Saturday, Nov. 5
6:30 call time, 7:30 doors

Same schedule as Friday. 




Sunday, Nov 6
3:30 call time, 4:30 doors



Blue, Ash, & J arrive,
build set,
break for food


Dancers arrive,
warm up


Soft open






MOLT  by dee buestos


Afterparty in the backyard




 I will be making a film using your eye-ball ballgag surveilance cam footage, video clips shot during the Proof of Body shoot, and performance footage. Sarah Mayer, a an augmented reality developer at Snapchat, will be augmenting sections of footage with her unrelased filter, Cyber Veil. My mentor and forever inspo, Monica Mirabel, is acting as digi-dramaturg. I encourage you all to check out these artist’s work.